Granite does not scratch, burn, or break. You can cut directly on it, put things on it straight from the oven or stove, drop something on it and not worry about breaking or shattering your countertop. Granite has the second highest hardness rating next to diamonds.

Natural & Organic 

Granite is a green product that is cut directly from the earth with each piece having its own individual character and beauty.

Easy Maintenance 

Just seal, soak (15 min), wipe, cure (overnight). This is preferably done annually.

More Healthy 

Granite is not a petroleum product that is omitting invisible gases and toxins. Extremely low absorption rate for less germs and bacteria to be trapped on the countertop surfaces.

More Affordable 

Granite is mined all over the world. However, it is pre-fabricated and finished(polished, cut, and edged) in one central location before shipping it to the final location. Also, because it is natural stone and not a petroleum product (corona, laminates, etc.) the cost does not fluctuate with oil prices.

Lasts a lifetime

Looks and feels permanent and substantial.

Adds To Your Home Value

Granite is in high demand by home buyers.